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Financial Literacy

Hope For The Future CDC understands that to be financially stable, you must know the fundamentals of basic concepts to inform their real-world financial decision. Statistics have indicated that more than 55% of youth and adults taught financial literacy are more concise in their spending habits and understand the long-term effects of debt. Our goal is to provide knowledge to manage their money better, make sound decisions, and maintain healthy budgeting habits for financial wellness. We shall provide workshops on the following but not limited to:


  • We will educate you on creating a budget based on your income. We will discuss how to make sound decisions regarding money management and demonstrate how to implement an adequate budget that can be utilized through college and adulthood

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FICO Score

  • We discuss the importance of your FICO Score and how to build up your score for better credit. We shall process different credit cards that assist in building your score and better your credit. We shall also educate on the Debt To Income Ratio. We shall provide ways to prevent your debt from getting specific credit approval and how it can positively and negatively impact your credit score.

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Credit Repair

  • Hope For The Future shall show how to repair credit and contact businesses to negotiate a lower pay-off on the old debt. We shall teach risk management and insurance to understand how they can protect themselves from certain risks.

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  •  Hope For The Future shall have a financial advisor to discuss investment options. They will focus on the best investments and savings accounts that provide the best benefits.

Savings Accounts & Investments

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