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Our Services

Teacher and Student

Youth Mentorship

Youth mentorship provides a meaningful connection between an individual and a mentor that influences their lives at home, school, work, and in the community.

Afterschool/Summer Camp

Hope For The Future CDC understands the importance of continuing academics throughout the year so the you can maintain grade levels.

Dance Class
Walk with Walking Aid

Performing & Culture Arts

Cultural arts are music, drama, creative writing, and dance. They are created to define feelings and reflect our values and the artistic side we live through.

Senior and Adult Services

Senior and Adult services provide activity and educational opportunities that increase family strengthening research has indicated that seniors that have socialization, physical activities, and brain stimulation decrease depression.

Saving coins
Law Office

Financial Literacy

Hope For The Future CDC understands that to be financially stable, you must know the fundamentals of basic concepts to inform your real-world financial decisions.

Resources and Advocacy

We provide resources and referrals to the community and advocate at local, state, and national levels for human rights, equality, and programs for youth and adults.

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