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Dance Class

Performing & Culture Arts

Cultural Arts are music, drama, creative writing, and dance. They are created to define feelings and reflect our values and the artistic side we live through. Engaging in art is a human experience that challenges us with a different perspective and remembers human conditions.


Studies have indicated that art appreciation improves our quality of life. It makes us feel good, and it stimulates our minds and senses. Scientific studies have shown that introducing children to art improves fine and gross motor skills and cognition. Our Performing & Culture Arts Program offers various services to help heal and improve spatial awareness, memory, mental health, and relaxation. We provide the following but are not limited to:


Art Engagement & Emotion

  • Through integrative methods, art engagement and emotions focus on the mind, body, and spirit that provide expression without verbal articulation. We allow individuals to express themselves through painting, crafting, and drawing. Art Engagement & Emotion promotes insight awareness and improves cognitive and sensory-motor functions while cultivating emotional resilience. Our experts educate and demonstrate how the art classes bring healing, reduce stress, and increase spiritual growth.

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Dance &

  • Hope For the Future CDC will offer classes to students to gain a sense of creativity and self-confidence and help them to develop a career path in the performing arts. Our team will teach fundamental skills so they can express their creative abilities.

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