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Law Office

Resources & Advocacy

Hope For The Future CDC shall provide resources and referrals to the community. We shall partner with other nonprofit organizations and businesses to help with the community's needs. Hope For The Future will provide the following:



Hope For The Future CDC shall advocate at local, state, and national levels for human rights, equality, and programs for youth and adults. We will unite with other nonprofit organizations to assist in getting legislators to pass Bills.


Food Bank

  • Hope For The Future CDC will provide food to those in need to fight food insecurity. We will allow families to drive up and load into the cars to keep safety measures in place.

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Soup Kitchen

  • Hope For The Future CDC provides free nutritious meals to individuals and families in the community facing challenging times. The soup kitchen is run by volunteers and feeds from 12:00pm-2:00pm each Thursday.

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Clothing & Hygiene Items

  • We monthly provide clothes, shoes, and hygiene items to families in need

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  • We provide referrals to organizations that assist with medical, dental, how to get a State ID, workforce development programs, and other services vital to

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